News & Event


Dec 2019

December Fest!

Join us this December because we're going to have an Ice Cream Party!


Nov 2019

Fun Time on Kids2 Success Halloween Party

We had loads of fun at our Halloween party this year! We had History of Halloween, some Halloween Coloring and...


Oct 2019

2019 Halloween Party in Kids2 Success

Hello everyone!!! This October, we'll have a Halloween Party in Kids2 Success. We'll have fun doing face painting with all...


Jun 2019

A Day in the Nature – Kids2 Success’ Holiday Trip

Yuk isi liburanmu dengan kegiatan seru di alam: Mengunjungi peternakan sapi perah, kambing, domba dan ikan di Garuda Farm Sentul,...


Mar 2019

Animated Story Telling

Hello... How are you doing, everybody? March is here and we have Animated Story Telling in Kids2 Success. If you...


Dec 2018

This December, We Celebrate Hari Ibu

Hello... Hari Ibu falls on 22 December in Indonesia. Kids2 Success will celebrate this moment by making crafty gift special...