Interactive Learning

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Interactive Learning

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Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

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Our interactive learning method is based on senses engaging activities that suit the needs of young learners. Through games, discussions, role plays, quizzes, presentations, drawing, projects, field trip, etc., the lessons are simulated to become ‘alive’


Our digitalized curriculum books contain interactive features. when presented through projector, it enables higher individual and group interactions..


Our sophisticated Interactive Whiteboard technology and multimedia facilities will bring thelessons alive through pictures, videos, sounds and texts, enabling our students to learn with enhanced experience.


Our digitalized Cambridge curriculum introduces pleasures in learning English and ultimately enhance the development of the four skills of language : listening, speaking, reading and writing.

KIDS2 SUCCESS is an English course for kids and teens aged 3 to 15.

Our learning platform is ‘Fun and Interactive’. We apply an age appropriate teaching approach to suit the needs of the young learners where learning is conducted through activities engaging all senses. to a large extent, we conduct learning through first-hand experiences in simulated real life situations inside and outside of the classrooms.

Facilitated with computer instructed learning, interactive whiteboard and multi-media audio visual equipment, our learning comes in fun and engaging activities. Through this approach, we make learning effective. At the same time, we provide a learning environment that nurtures the development of their personal potentials.

Our motto is “The Most Interactive English Center”.

About Us

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Field Trip

Our students go outside the class for a brief field trip to practice their English. During these times, they are going to recognize various vocabularies and practice conversations (that are learned in our classes) in real places. Therefore, students would be able to associate the information they get in a more concrete way and may also have the chance to see it applied in real situations. Places that students visit for field trips are supermarkets, restaurants, parks, bakery shops, etc.

Monthly Themes

Every month students participate in activities that are connected to one special theme. This is done to enrich their learning activities with exciting events and celebrations. Through this program, students would get the chance to enhance their English skills differently, not only with their classmates, but also with students of different levels of English. Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Read-a-Book Month, Ramadan are among the many themes that we like to have.

Holiday Program

Once a year, Kids2 Success holds a special fun learning event during the holidays. These events are held outdoor and sometimes indoor. Participants get the opportunity to learn English through various different activities, such as doing art and craft, recycling, and many more. “Art and Craft” and “A Day at the Farm” are some of such events which have been held.

English Performances

There is a time when we want our students to go on stage to perform in front of audiences of families and friends. Besides showcasing their English skills progress, through this kind of events participants may also develop their confidence of being in front of the public. Performances held can be English Language competitions, plays and songs, etc.


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Google Reviews
"Tempatnya adem, ber ac, bersih, dan nyaman baik untuk anak² yang belajar, maupun untuk yang menunggu.. Sistem pembelajaran yang fun, dan tidak membosankan.. pembelajaran tidak hanya di dalam kelas saja, tapi ada juga pembelajaran di luar kelas.. alat penunjang dalam pembelajaran yang memadai.. guru²nya ramah dan care.. Anak² terbiasa berbicara menggunakan bahasa Inggris sehingga vocabulary, dan conversation anak menjadi berkembang baik."
Sinta Ismaya
"alina kianna perkembangan englishnya melaju pesat sejak belajar disini, terutama speaking dan writing mereka. di kids2succses tidak cuma pelajaran di kelas saja tp sering ada project sehingga mereka selalu semangat untuk les.. sukses selalu kids2success"
Nurina Indah Kemalasari
"Tempat Belajar bahasa inggris yang seruuu... Anak anak suka sekali belajar bahasa inggris disini karena metodenya juga fun learning, anak anak gak pernah susah kalau diajak les.. Terima kasih banyak K2Sucsess"
Fitriyah Assegaf
"Pengajarnya sangat kids friendly, metode belajarnya menarik"
Adesha Paramityanty

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