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First Steps is an early childhood English course for pre-primary children aged 3 – 6 years old.

It is designed to develop your child’s English skills and self-potentials through hands-on and fun activities. As children create art projects and participate in games, songs and chants, they practice English in a natural, fun way.

Our teaching methods maintain children’s attention by keeping them actively involved in different activities that they can relate to. This way, actual learning is done sub-consciously in response to their early cognitive capacity. With dynamic songs, chants, books and video programs, First Steps stimulates children to learn and helps them build confidence in communicating in English.

Our classrooms’ setting and atmosphere is prepared to create a loving, nurturing and active learning environment to support the development of children’s emotional and intellectual capabilities. We provide activities that grow their self-confidence, self-esteem, communication, social skills, critical thinking and creativity.

 The three levels of First Steps are as follows :
First Steps 1
In this level, your child will learn to introduce him / herself, exchange greetings and expressing likes / dislikes. Your child will be able to identify shapes, colors, objects around him / her, and family members. By tracing shapes and coloring objects, your child will also be able to develop his / her motor skills.
First Steps 2
Your child will be exposed to the numbers 1 – 10, tastes, places, jobs, vehicles, more shapes, colors, body parts and prepositions. Along the way, your child will learn to express actions, ownership (my / your), likes/dislikes, feelings, abilities/disabilities (can / can’t) and implement this / that / these / those in sentences or expressions. In addition, he/she will also learn to identify times of the day and to ask questions using what, where, how, who and how many.
First Steps 3
Your child will learn to identify the numbers 1 – 20, healthy habits, places to go, describe jobs and more words related to school, restaurant, farm, camping ground and the community. Your child will also learn to use the proper request, event sequencers (first, than, last) and comparative adjectives (bigger, shorter, longer). Your child will also make his/her own toys to develop his/her motor skills.

Runners is an elementary level English program for kids aged 6 – 8 years old.

During Runners level, students will have the chance to enrich their English vocabulary that are closely related to their daily lives such as school, animals, body parts, toys, food, clothes, family, hobbies, places, etc. Students learn to communicate, express themselves, give opinions in simple sentences and answer questions in complete sentences using simple grammar.

Various real-life situations presented in multiple interactive activities are given to engage them in learning, raising their curiosities and interests and stimulates their critical thinking.

We are making sure that warm, nurturing and active learning atmospheres are continuously present for our students to freely express themselves and develop their self confidence.

Jumpers is an elementary level English program for kids aged 8-12 years old.

In this level, besides enriching their vocabulary, students will learn more intricate grammar through wider range topics like sports, jobs, health, music, countries and cities in the world, natural disasters, legendary tales, world explorations, fashion, etc.

Enriching human-interest topics are given as well to expand the students’ knowledge and challenge their critical thinking. Students will also study contents related to other school subjects such as History, Science, Art, Geography, Sport, and Music.

During Jumpers level, students will learn more elaborately to communicate, express themselves, give opinions and ideas, answer questions in both oral and written forms. While doing these language exercises, they will be encouraged to incorporate and express their personal values in their communications, thus developing their self images and personalities.

Explorers is a post-elementary level English program for teenagers aged 12-15 years old.

In teaching teenage students, sparking students’ curiosity and desire to learn is one of the main driving forces which can enhance and facilitate the learning process. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate curiosity through interesting content via impactful videos, visual images and ‘real world’ content on global themes.

Such contents and themes are utilized to present the students with more intensive activities to improve the four English language skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading comprehension and writing.

What activities are conducted in the program?
Youth culture today is visually oriented and teenagers are easily bored by material that is not visually attractive. In Explorers, the Discovery Education videos and images in the lessons have been chosen to appeal to young students.

Elaborations in discussion, question and answer, presentation, writing and reporting, analyzing texts and videos are conducted to improve students’ English language skills as well as their reasoning and critical thinking.

With our interactive learning format, various interactive activities are presented including those incorporating digital technologies, thus will enhance our students’ learning experience and effectiveness.

What are the topics in the program ?
A wide variety of themes are used in the program such as natural history,inspiring personal stories, unusual lifestyles, international festivals and customs, and other cultural, environmental, social, educational and human interest themes. These will teach the students about the world around them through the medium of English, whilst also promoting values such as cultural awareness and social responsibility.

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