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Our vision is to become an education center with excellence in developing children’s and youth’s English skills as well as fostering their self potentials. We have developed the following methodology to accomplish our vision:


Young learners learn differently from adults. Their cognitive brains have not developed completely to analyse and process information like adults do. Therefore, they rely more on their senses to learn about the world. Our interactive learning method is based on senses engaging activities that suit the needs of young learners.

Through games, discussions, role plays, quizzes , presentations, drawing, chanting, singing,projects, field trips, etc, the lessons are simulated to become ‘alive’ so that our students can relate to it with more ease, fun and comprehension.

SMART CLASSROOMS (Computer instructed learning, interactive whiteboard, multimedia facilities )

Our classrooms are equipped with technologies that facilitate interactive learning i.e. computer instructed learning, interactive whiteboard and multimedia.

Our computer instructed learning facilitates individual and group interactions.  Our sophisticated interactive whiteboard technology and multimedia (audio-visual) equipment will bring the lessons alive through pictures, videos, sounds and texts, enabling our students to learn the lessons with enhanced experiences.

Interactive whiteboard is an interactive display device connected to a whiteboard with which students can move, drag, draw and colour projected objects on the screen, enabling the teacher and students to interact with the lesson.

With all these interactive technologies, English learning is made more enjoyable and effective.



In classrooms, our lessons come in a wide variety of interactive lessons (please see Interactive-Activity based Learning section above ). To achieve our goals for fun and interactive learning, we extend our learning activities to outdoor settings such as Field Trips, Holiday Programs, Performances, etc.



Our teachers make sure that students are physically, mentally, and socially active in the class.

While developing their English skills, we  give adequate challenges as well as acknowledgments to our students to promote a sense of accomplishment and appreciation. This way, we are promoting their self confidence and self esteem.



Our curriculum is supported by the international Cambridge curriculum. The digitalized curriculum allows higher interaction among students and teachers, introduces pleasures in learning English, and ultimately enhance the development of the four skills of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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